Those of you who are in the market for a solid all-in-one security camera system, well, one of Annke's offerings can be purchased from Amazon for only $194.99. Annke's 8CH 3MP surveillance camera system comes with four cameras, a DVR, and an included 1TB hard drive, at least in this variant that costs $194.99. It is worth noting that there are several additional variants you can choose from via the link provided below the article, including variants with no hard drive, and a 2TB hard drive.

Aforementioned cameras, the ones that Annke included in the package, seem to be white-colored, with a silver tint, at least from the provided images. The DVR is black-colored, and the company says that installing these cameras is a breeze. Speaking of which, you can install these cameras pretty much anywhere you want, whether be it a ceiling, wall, or even floor, if that's something you prefer for whatever reason.

This security camera system is aimed for both your home and office use, the cameras can see in the dark, up to 100ft, so spotting someone even though there's no light around is not an issue for these cameras. The cameras themselves can also record 1080p footage, and can alert you if they spot unauthorized detection. You can fine-tune this, as the company's software allows you to select customized motion detection, in other words, you can select specific areas that you'd like these cameras to monitor more closely.

Speaking of fine-tuning, you will need to install the company's application to have access to anything of the sort. The Annke Vision application is available in the Google Play Store, and it will give you plenty of options. Not only will you be able to see the live feed through the app, but also set various other parameters, get alerts, and so on.

H.265+ video compression is a part of the offering as well, and even though it doesn't seem like anything important at first, it definitely is. This compression will help save a ton of space on the included hard drive, as it will enable you to record up to 7 times more footage than H.264 compression would.

The company did mention that a three-year warranty is included with this package, if you purchase the setup from Amazon. On top of that, you get access to a 90-day money back service, and the company's customer service is always accessible to you, just in case you stumble onto some problems or something of the sort.

If you check out the gallery down below, you will be able to check out some official images the company has provided, just to take a closer look at this setup, and the features it offers. If you opt to purchase Annke's surveillance camera system shown here, a purchase link is included below the article.

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